We at Perkins Services Inc. established Perkins Plus to be the print/mail service of choice for midsized investment firms.

Through our research and business experience, we have learned that mid-sized investment firms need, and want a supplier that can deliver much more personalized and flexible service. They want a partner that is adaptable to their individual special requirements. Providing exceptional service has always been Perkins claim-to-fame. Perkins Services was established to deliver the highest levels of service to investment firms that require failsafe 100% performance.

It was evident from the outset that Perkins, even with the implementation of elaborate sophisticated security and QC systems and procedures, could deliver a much more attractive overall pricing package. And this has proven to be the case to this day.

Our highly disciplined approach to managing your requirements, our quality control and strict practices during each phase of each process, and our controlled and monitored environment… these are key Perkins' attributes that ensure our customers obtain the exceptional accurate ongoing performance that is required for personal financial documents.

Every laser printed statement sheet, confirmation, and tax receipt, is identified by a unique OMR marks or different types of barcodes that ensure the individual integrity of each piece of paper within each envelope. 100% processing perfection is achieved through sophisticated intelligent readers on inserting and processing equipment, and four levels of audit checks, both machine and human based.

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