Mailing & Fulfillment Solutions

Perkins core evolving expertise gives you leading-edge high-tech affordable solutions for your mailing, shipping and custom fulfillment projects... PLUS all of our latest techniques and strategies to maximize savings on postage and shipping costs - in Canada, the U.S., and internationally.

For more than four decades, customers have counted on us for quality, on time, on budget execution. Use our expertise to assess finishing options and budgets, and cost savings opportunities.

The integration of printing, mailing house, lettershop and bulk mailing capabilities under one roof enables the delivery of a fast, efficient and cost effective service which removes many of the headaches of managing multiple suppliers for your direct marketing campaigns. The removal of these headaches enables marketing professionals to focus on the elements of their campaign where they can add real value - developing their targeting strategy and their marketing communication messages.

Perkins... the knowledge experts in finishing solutions and postage savings.

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